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Is there a news story or topic that you'd like to hear someone write about? Suggest a topic here and it may inspire one of our contributors to write about it.

Here's what Andy Crowe said:

I think the religious thought for the day is popular because it picks up on a topical issue and provides a considered, if often anodyne, interpretation. You could prompt comments by asking:

  • what do you think about the recent disaster/killing spree/other major event?
  • why has Jade Goody found god?
  • (to conincide with his tour) why do normally inspirational people like Bob Dylan find god?
  • etc etc

Equally it could be used to celebrate a major secular success, such as the anniversary of the Moon Landing and the publication of the latest photos from Hubble.

It would also be useful to have an equal balance of positive thoughts such as Hubble and criticism of the god squads.

So if you've spotted something topical that would make a good subject for a secular thought then mention it here and see what our contributors can make of it.